Boys and Polly Pockets

Joy & AshI’m not sure if this is a good thing:  Joy pulled out her collection of Polly Pockets today and shared them with the Ristau boys.  There they were. Three rough and tumble boys of a kick-fanny Marine who sports ten tats, sitting at the dining room table changing the clothes of  four inch plastic dolls while sorting shoes and discussing hair color.  Keep in mind, Joy has some boy dolls but their main purpose is to be the groom in weddings.  They even came with tuxedos.  They don’t do what real men do: split wood, change diapers, go to work, mow the grass, laugh hard and deep, set up tents, fold laundry and live life.  Of course, they’re plastic and all have coiffed hair, so, what do you expect?

My Joy can hang with the boys.  She’s a Lego-loving, K’nex building, frog and snake chasing, bug catching, rip boarding girl who wears heelies everywhere and prefers a tree or a fence to climb over a swing set any day.   So, it can go both ways.  And I’m thankful.

I just hope their Marine-dad is as okay with Joy playing Legos as he is with Samuel, Ash & Tuck dressing Polly Pockets!

What about you?  Are your kids trans-toy capable?


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