Hope Renewed

Snow Investigator

Snow flurried in recently. While we waited for it to accumulate enough to make a snow man, we decided not to miss out on the smaller pleasure: the individual flakes.  Others may see the snow as a blanket of beauty, but we’re detailists here.  We grabbed cameras and magnifying glasses so we could see the tiny individual ice crystals.

We found flakes that were tiny and large, delicate and sturdy, standing upright and laying flat against the ground.

I can’t help but think of perspective.  People in the north – where snow is common – aren’t thrilled and enthralled at the sight of snow.  But, it means so much to a southerner.  There is wonder and fascination with each swirl of flurries, with each lilting flake as it drifts to the ground.

Snow flakes on the deckI’ve heard that there isn’t a single snowflake that is like another.  I find that hard to believe.  Not a one? Could it be that every flake has it’s own individual beauty, design and character? …. every single one?

Isn’t our whole world filled with wonder?  What other gifts do I take for granted because I see them daily? What other sights, sounds and wonders do I allow to pass me by because they look common while, in fact, they are extraordinary.

Like Joy’s renewed hope that she may get to see inches of snow on the ground and truly be able to make her very own snowman, I am reminded of the hope in finding beauty in the ordinary, fascination in the common and interest in the mundane because it is all a gift from a Heavenly Father who has never created two people alike and thus, every day, every moment, every situation is original.  There is beauty in them all.

A chair full of snow - by Georgia standards

As I type, it is almost three o’clock and the snow is still falling.  The flakes are fat and the air is cold.   The sun peeked out from behind the clouds earlier, but has been hidden once again. The snow is beginning to cradle in the valleys on the roof and on the curls of leaves on the ground.  We’ll see what the evening has in store.I took this photo when the snow just began to fall. There are two delicate flakes nested on top of each other and another beautiful one at the top of the shot.

What wonders surround you right now?

Look at the gorgeous flake - it looks like a flower!!


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