A Refreshing Weekend

Joy, Ash & SamI’m always so refreshed after visiting with friends.  I don’t come home weary from the travel, but, rather, refreshed from the fellowship.  I love the laughter. I love the talk. I love the craziness of being  juxtaposed into the life of another family so that we, even for a brief bit of time, operate as one.

And so I enjoyed our time in Albany with the Ristaus. Trevor, Heather

I miss that brief moment in time when we lived just around the corner. I could pop in any time for a moment to share some exciting thing that God was doing in my life, or I could grab the Ristau’s dog to take her for a walk as we romped down the dirt road with Dulcie. I loved walking with Heather in the mornings, before children hit the floors full force with their wants, needs and desires.  We lived in Albany for a year, but my friendship with Heather only began about 6-9 months before we moved.  That time was brief but very rich and sweet.

One thing I’ve learned through our years of moving is that friendships are people happenings and they must take priority.  If I’ve learned this, then why don’t I live it?  We don’t have enough fellowship here in Augusta.  We are surrounded by people whose fellowship we enjoy, but we just don’t make time to be in the same building.  We don’t bring people  into our home.  We don’t create space for them in our lives.  This makes me sad. I must, mUSt, MUST begin to do this more.

Asher, Tuck, Samuel & JoyAs we laughed this weekend, as we talked, as we watched children play, as we jumped from website to website sharing funny videos, interesting thoughts and gorgeous art work, I was refreshed and renewed.  I shared the story of Brian Welch from Korn, and the words of my favorite poem, Trees, by Joyce Kilmer.  Heather was excited (no, really excited!!) for me to see the work of an artist from Albany, Cindy Davis. We used lines from the MadTV video Bon Quiqui over and over and over and laughed as we did a photoshoot in some great places on the Marine Corps Logisitics Base where her husband, Trevor, is stationed.

Her oldest and my youngest are fast friends.  It’s a pleasure to watch them enjoy each other.  I’m not sure, but there may have been more hours with wailing  in the background than not since she has three children who are under four. Even those tears were music to my ears.  I will remember those sounds and pray for wisdom, guidance and patience for Heather in the weeks and months ahead.

So, we’re back at home in Augusta refreshed from a weekend of laughter, tears and camaraderie and I’m wondering:  What do you do to keep old friendships alive while creating new ones, as well?


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