My Beautiful Friend, Heather

This past weekend, my friend Heather and I spent some time on the base in Albany, Georgia where she lives with our cameras in hand.  She wanted me to take some photos of her since the Marine Corps has decided that they need her husband to spend a year over seas. Though we spent over twenty years in the military,  Comedy and I  have never had to experience this length of separation.  It’s long.  It’s difficult.  And it’s trying.

So, while Trevor was being the awesome dad that he is, watching all four of his own children PLUS my youngest, Heather and I ran away for a few hours and spent some time behind our view finders.

We had a great time.  These are some of my shots of Heather.  I put them all together into a slideshow for Trevor as a present.  I hope he’ll enjoy them.

Trevor, you’ll be missed.  Thanks for serving our country.  Thanks for giving of yourself for your family, your friends and your country. Thanks for your sacrifice.

4 thoughts on “My Beautiful Friend, Heather

  1. Thank you so much Karen, you are such a good friend to my wife and family. I know she will be taken care of while I am gone because of friends like you. What a wonderful slideshow.


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