Makes Me Happy Monday : My Cell Phone

My sweet phoneI’ve gotta tell you:  my cell phone makes me SO happy.

I don’t know how I lived without it.  Oh, yeah… I remember!  It was not a pretty sight.

Through the years, it was at least a daily occurrence for someone in my family to tell the other something to later find that the person being talked to messed up what the person talking said.  This could be about any topic.
“I’ll meet you at 2:00 at Panera” – “I sat for an hour at Atlanta Bread, but by 4:00 I had to leave. Where were you?”
“It’s under the sink in the kitchen” – “You said the shelf in the hall bathroom closet.” Do you get the picture?

Here’s a perfect example: I bought a heater at Target.   We decided we didn’t like it. I tried to exchange it, but they wouldn’t let me return it because it was on another family member’s debit card and I didn’t have the receipt. I came on home.  Later, my family member said “I’ll meet you at Target and we’ll exchange it.” I get to Target and wait and look.  I’m alone.  I finally call to say
“Where are you?”
“I’m at Target.  Where are you?”
“I’m at Target.”
“I’m standing right here in front of the heaters.”
“So, am I.”

It took us just a few more minutes before we realized we were at different Target stores.  Since we had already looked at the heaters at the Target closest to our home, I went to the other Target to see if they had other choices.  Since we bought the other heater at the Target closest to our home, he went there.

So … you can imagine how things operated BEFORE we had cell phones! lol

So, my phone  helps me keep in touch with my kids when they’re out and about.  It helps me remind kids to do things.  It helps me when I’ve forgotten something and need it brought along by the next family member on their way. And I love to text when I can’t talk on the phone.  I’ll even text from the bed to tell my kids to turn the tv down or from the house to the party room to tell someone to come eat.  We use the phone to find each other at the mall, or Glory will let me know if she’d like me to head to the dressing room for a wardrobe item okay.
My cell phone makes me happy.
How about you? What makes you happy on this chilly Monday?


4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : My Cell Phone

  1. I would be completely lost without my cellphone! Even though I don’t call a lot on my Tracfone I use it continuously to save reminders on, set alarms, save numbers and just texting family about where and what I’m up to. It really is hard to remember what it was like before I had it (and even harder to think of getting along without it now!).
    And it’s always reassuring to be able to dial 911 anywhere, anytime.

    Some interesting stats can be found on the Dept of Labor site at if you’re into that kind of stuff.

    Seems a LOT of people is switching from landlines to cell only communications.


  2. I really thought I was the only one lazy enough to text from my bed to another room in the house to tell a son to turn off the TV or computer and go to bed, or to make sure the doors were locked or the lights turned off, or to do some other necessary task! Ahhh — the twenty-first century!!!


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