Oh, Brother!

Samuel's Artwork Heather’s house makes me smile.  She decorates in a way that I find comfortable and inviting.  She uses tones of chocolate brown and deep tan with some black, burgundy and blue here and there. There is great texture from leather, pottery, beads and wood.

Of all the rooms in her house, I might love her kitchen most.

On one of her kitchen cabinets is this sweet drawing by her oldest, Samuel.  It’s at least a year old – maybe two?  It makes me laugh.

I’m guessing that is Samuel in the middle.  To his right would be Tucker, the youngest, and to his left would be Asher.  They’re even wearing matching outfits!  How cute is that?

Did you do like I did on first glance?  Did you look at the drawing and think, “What?  I love my but….?”  Yeah, that made me giggle, too.

Samuel really does love his brothers.  He’s patient with them.  He’s kind.  Two weekends ago, I spent almost three full days with these boys and I never heard Samuel provoke his younger brothers in any way.  If only all days could be like those.

It takes a great deal of diligence to continuously guide children towards mutual respect for each other. Comedy along the way, helps soften the edges.

Evidently, by the grace and direction of God, Heather continues to make this a priority.
And it’s working … because Samuel loves his “butrs.”


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