Loving School

James at schoolI am absolutely loving school.  James and I even ride in together on Thursday mornings because our class times overlap.   I’m so thankful that he doesn’t mind riding to school with his Mom ; )

His classes are becoming more difficult as he delves into terminology and actions that he doesn’t know.  He’s going to school for computer networking.  He’s awesome at building, creating and putting things together, so he’ll do a well in this area.

School is just becoming more and more fun for me.  We’re given challenges/assignments as we learn how to use new programs.

We spent a few weeks in Adobe Pagemaker.  That was uncomfortable in the beginning, but I caught on well enough. I could certainly use a good bit more practice, but I got my feet wet.

Circus PosterLast quarter, I worked in Photoshop some, so I’m fairly comfortable this quarter… well, at least, I’m not LOST.

I thought I’d show yesterday’s assignment. We were given specifics (11×17 poster) and information (circus, September, Hale St) and told to make a poster.

I tend to think “outside the box” anyway, so I expect that my stuff will often be different from what everybody else is creating.  My dad always used to ask, “Why do you have to be different?”  It wasn’t that I “had” to be, I just “was” (and still “am.”)    Though it took me many years to understand that it was okay to be different, I’m finally wonderfully, perfectly happy being different and am thankful that God created me that way!

When given the assignment, I immediately thought “vintage” rather than current styles.   So, this is what I came up with.  I liked the background sunburst because it suggests “big top” in shape without showing a circus tent. The colors in the trapeze artist were fun and cheerful!

So, here’s a glimpse into what’s going on at school with me.

How about you?  What is some new skill that you’ve learned lately?
Have you considered going back to school?  Would is your area of interest?


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