Makes Me Happy Monday : More Rocks

Fun bowl of rocks I have to tell you, I did a happy dance when I saw these rocks.  Yes, I paid for them.  Generally, we prefer to find all of our rocks, but these were different.

Aren’t they fun?  Aren’t they beautiful?

Joy found one with a face on it, and began to investigate to see how many she could find that personified people.  She found happy faces, growling faces, some with grimaces and some that even looked angry.  She had a great time looking through them trying to see if she could make out a face.Rock Face

You know the best thing, though?  They’re not really rocks, they are chocolate candy.  They were even yummy chocolate candy, to boot!  (I say “were” because, yes, they are gone.)

I showed them to James under the guise that they were rocks and he was convinced.  Though, he later mentioned that he smelled chocolate when I handed them to him.  He said he couldn’t quite figure that out.  He assumed that I had been eating chocolate just before I handed him the dish.

So, they don’t look like Georgia rocks, but they are pretty convincing to be candy.

I thought they were fun. They made me smile.

How about you?  What makes you smile this Monday?


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