God Speak

I’ve recently joined a small group of friends for a Monday morning Bible study.  At the start of the year, we shared our goals for the upcoming year.  I really want to memorize scripture.  I’ve always felt convicted of this, but never committed myself to it.  My friends are feeling they should read the Bible more often.  Don’t get me wrong;  I would like to read the Bible more often, but I know I can’t do a complete life re-vamp in one year.  So, I chose to make memorization as my spiritual goal for the year. Evidently, God has something additional in mind.

When we were talking about how we could pray for each other, I asked that God would audibly answer my prayers.  No, I don’t mean with a booming voice from heaven or by someone saying, “The Lord God says…..” to me.  I hear God’s speak to me through the radio, friends, billboards, through nature and even in my toast.One of the ways that  I know that God is real and alive and busy in my life is because I talk to Him and He answers me.

The other day, my friend, Gaby, went on and on and on and  on (yes,  I’m exaggerating… and thankful … read on) about how we need to be in God’s Word?   She wasn’t preaching to me. She was just sharing what God was talking to her about.

Then, the other night before bed, James asked me:

J:  How often do you spend quiet time with God reading the Bible?
Me: Uhm… <grimacing with a shrug> not often enough?
J:  When do you want to?
Me: Sometimes in the morn – sometimes at night. It depends.
J:  Mom. That’s not good enough.  You need to pick a time for God and let it be His.
What do you want?  Morning or night?
Me: James! <irritated> Sometimes I do both, I answered.
James: You’re not listening.  Pick One!  Mom, you pick one or I’ll pick it for you.
Me:  I don’t want to pick ONE … I do it at different times depending on the day!!!
J: Morning it is! (I laugh) You need someone to hold you accountable.  You can’t be held accountable to a decision you haven’t yet made.

Yes, this is my awesome son.
And my awesome friend, Gaby.
And my awesome God
who uses people to audibly speak into my life
because I asked Him to  do that for me.

Have you heard God speaking to you lately?


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