Makes Me Happy Monday : Begonias

Sept '06I have a wicker planter that I picked up at a yard sale.  Thinking back about our different homes, I can remember this planter sitting on our front porch as far back as Warner Robins.  That means that I’ve had it since 1996.

I filled it with begonias and stuffed it with Spanish Moss.  I painted it dark green when I bought it and only repainted in a warm, bronzey-brown this past summer.  It’s been from house to house.  It is a front porch fixture that comes inside ONLY when the temperature dips below 35°.  And, surprisingly, I cannot remember a time when the begonias weren’t in bloom. I can’t figure it out.  

I often plant begonias in pots in the summer.  As the summer comes to a close, there are always a few hearty fellas who are hanging on.  As I put away the pots, I throw these begonias into any empty spots in my front porch planter.

And for some reason, they bloom and bloom.  This is quite a contrast to my cactus story.  Like my cactus, I forget to fertilize.  I don’t repot.  I water when necessary.  But, these begonias continue to bloom.

So, I’ll have to say these my begonias make me happy.  They’re absolutely beautiful, but very low maintenance.
How about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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