Good morning, Moon

Do you see Him often?  Are you looking?

I see God throughout my days.  I am so thankful that He surrounded me with beautiful colors, strong textures and wonderful smells. He created such an intricate, beautiful world, I know that I only take in and appreciate a miniscule amount of it’s beauty.

Moon over MontclairYesterday morning, when I went to the kitchen to prepare myself a cup of coffee (a winter indulgence for me), this was my view:  a beautiful full moon finishing it’s path across a winter sky and preparing to tuck away for some other part of the world to enjoy for a night.

Yesterday afternoon, Joy told me that she never really realized that all the dark spots on the moon were craters.  It’s funny how something can be discussed, but not ingested intellectually.  Surely we had talked about this in the past? But, when she was ready, she processed it and it made sense.

How often does God talk to me, but I’m not quite able to hear what He’s saying yet?  I can read a familiar Bible passage today and hear something that I didn’t hear the last time I read it.  His Word, the Bible, truly is “living and powerful” (Hebrews 4:12).

And I’m thankful.
I’m thankful for the beauty that surrounds me.
I’m thankful for a gorgeous, round orb in the morning sky.
I’m thankful for God’s Word that whispers in my ear.
I’m thankful for a child who continues to learn and grow.

What are you thankful for this Wednesday morning?


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