A Rabbit on Our Farm

Valentine’s Day came a few days early at our house.  Poor Ryan can’t keep a secret to save his life. He can’t look you in the face and tell a lie.  He’s just not a sneaky kind of guy.  This is really a good thing … unless he needs to keep a secret..

He had kept the secret for several weeks. He asked permission to give Glory a bunny for Valentine’s Day.  She’s old enough to care for her pets and responsible enough that she does so.  I said, “Yes” without hesitation.

But, while Glory was in the car on Wednesday, Ryan was talking to his dad on the phone and mentioned that he “had to go see The Bunny Lady.”  There it was. Out for her to hear.  He spilled the beans.  Naturally, she wanted to the bunny then!!  So, Valentino came into our lives before Valentine’s Day.Valentino and Glory

He’s definitely cute. He’s only ten weeks old. Glory did her homework with him sitting on her bed …. and her notebook … and her lit book…. and her pillow.  He (wonder if “he” is a “she”) was very comfortable being loved upon.  I’m glad.  I hope he’ll stay that way. Because a one year old bunny that has become antisocial is a much less desirable bunny than a snuggly one.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a great surprise up your sleeve?

p.s.   While I’m here talking about Glory, I’ll give a tidbit of a health update.  She ran on Wednesday without having her ankles sore the next day.  It was just a sprint chasing after Ryan and I think she had on flip flops – it wasn’t like a real “several mile run” like she was used to in rowing.  But, even a sprint to the mailbox left her sore the next day before she started treatment.    She’s not as lethargic any more.  Her energy is coming back and her joints are popping less frequently.  So, things are looking up.


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