Makes Me Happy Monday : Cafe Vienna

Cafe Vienna

Coffee is a winter treat for me.  I don’t do caffeine well.  Generally, if I have caffeine any time after noon, I’m busted.  I won’t be able to go to sleep until late at night.

But, in the winter, I cherish an early morning cup of Cafe Vienna.  Of course, it’s a mix, so it’s not pure, unadulterated coffee.  It has a much lower caffeine strength than regular coffee. True Coffee Connoisseurs wouldn’t even brand it coffee, but it’s coffee to me.

Of all of the General Foods International flavors, this one is my favorite.  Have you seen them or tried them?  There are at least a dozen to choose from including Suisse Mocha, French Vanilla Cafe, Chai Latte, French Vanilla Nut, and Hazelnut Belgian Cafe. The can says that Cafe Vienna  has an “enticing Austrian” flavor, but the ingredients list on the side shares no secrets. It has a smooth, rich flavor … maybe there is a hint of cinnamon within?  Maybe it’s the Sound of Music lover that makes me pine for this yummy treat.  I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a favorite around here.

It’s a simple little thing, but this $3.99 can of delectable treat makes me happy.
What treat helps you through the winter by making you happy?


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