I NEED to exercise!

I feel like a dog.

My Joy is listed in our neighborhood newsletter as a pet sitter. From time to time, we get calls, especially through word of mouth, to pet sit.  Friday, we got a call to pet sit for a neighbor of a friend.
We were supposed to be at the home to “meet the pets” on Sunday afternoon at 4:30.  Well, Joy was at the beach with her Dad. I forgot to call the lady to let her know we wouldn’t be there. She calls at 5:30 to see if we’re still coming.  Apologetic, I reschedule…..
for Monday
after soccer.

Joy has a friend over on Monday afternoon.  Then she goes to soccer. She comes in and we talk all about practice.  We eat dinner. We get ready for bed. I check the calendar before I go to bed to see what tomorrow holds.
and I see it.
We were supposed to be at the lady’s house
to meet the pets as soon as soccer was over.
I call
and apologize again
knowing I look like a bumblehead.
She’s polite
(while I’m cringing inside)
and tells me that her husband
(who thinks we’re irresponsible
idiots … my intuition tells me)
has found a friend from work
(knowing that Mike Tyson
or Michael Vick might
be  better choices)
to care for her dogs
(because we don’t have
the ability to care for
living animals, evidently).
I say I understand,
and hang up.
Joy has lost a job.
More importantly,
I have lost respect
for myself.

I forgot to go to Bible study about three weeks ago.  We had a holiday, I reasoned, so it threw off my week.
The next day, I forgot to pick up a child who rides with me to co-op.
I have forgotten where I put my Bible study book.
And now this.

This is not the first time life has gotten this way for me.  Several years ago, I began to forget important stuff… like my kids or what I was doing or where I parked or what I was doing before I hit a blank.  In fact, thinking about it, yesterday I was shopping at Wal-mart and kept having to ask myself, “Now, what am I looking for?”  Last time, I realized/reasoned that the problem was linked to my body being sluggish – my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.  Seriously.  So, I started running again and things improved greatly.

It’s time to get moving again.  I can’t function like this.
I’m liable to lose something important ….
like my mind.

How do you stay alert and healthy? Any pointers?


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