New Camera Toy

I’m really excited about a new camera toy that I picked up last week.  I read about it on Carlos’s website,  It’s a camera extender.

XShot Camera ExtenderYou know how it goes.  There’s nobody around and you want to take a photo, so you do like the teens all do – you hold your camera as far away from you as you can and you snap the shot.  Now you have a picture of your arm and a fairly close-up head shot with a little of the background stuff.

Enter the XShot Extender.

Joy & I trying out the XshotIt’s a very sturdy but very light, aluminum telescoping rod that has a small adapter to attach your camera to rod.  You attach the camera to the rod, activate your timer, press the button and take a picture!  Yay!!

It is less than a foot long, very light weight and actually quite sturdy!  I’m planning on keeping mine in my purse with my camera and other electronic gadgets!

So, here’s the first pic that I took of Joy and I.  Fun!

Do you have a favorite electronic gadget or toy?


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