Redwood Strength

Faith is a fascinating thing.  It is required to believe … in anything.

RedwoodsSince we are
spiritual beings
living in
physical bodies,
we have a tendency
to more easily  believe
in things we can “experience” …. things we can
see, touch, taste,
hear and feel.

Jesus  understood this,  so he taught in parables.  He used the things of the physical world to teach spiritual principles.  He helped us to understood that which is difficult to grasp by putting it into a context that we can.

So, I’m constantly looking for those parallels in my daily life. I ask God to show them to me. I ask the sweet Spirit of God to teach me the spiritual through the physical.   I ask Jesus to talk to me in parables.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation. I love to share those stories.

Sunshine through the treesOur pastor has been sharing a series of messages he has titled “Deeply Rooted.”

As I listened this past Sunday, I was reminded of  things that I once heard about the majestic Redwood tree.  Do you know about the Redwood tree? Let me tell you more.

The Redwood tree
is the tallest tree on the earth.
A Redwood can stand
350′ tall
or as tall as a 35 story building.
In comparison, the Statue of Liberty stands
151′ tall.
The oldest Redwoods appear to be 2,000 – 3,500 years old
with an  average lifespan of 400-600 years.
The record  base circumference is 57 feet
(12 people, holding hands, would circle the base of a tree)
with  average being 18-24 feet
They are not widespread.
The only place they are found in the US is in California.
Many trees have a tap root
that is about as deep under the ground
as the trunk is above the ground.
This tap root helps keep the tree upright
and provide it with nourishment.
Redwoods have no tap root at all.
So, the tallest tree on the earth
lacks a common tree’s stabilizer.In contrast, the Redwood’s  root system
is made up of
thousands of smaller roots
that spread out in a circle
up to 250 feet around them.
These roots are
are only 6-12 feet deep.
They have an intricate root system
that is woven just under the surface of the ground …
like a beautiful tapestry.
And so, these trees do not survive alone.Their only chance for survival is in groves.Though the tallest trees….
they do not topple because
their roots intertwine from tree to tree
causing them to be held upright and strong.

Do you see that?  The tallest trees in the world
will be felled by a strong wind
unless they hold hands
under the ground

where no one can see.

Avenue of the Giants Photo credit: can be a tree with a tap root
that is as long under the ground
as the tree above the ground.
But, if we want to be a spiritual Redwood
we must reach up
to our Heavenly Father
while creating
an intricately woven
web of roots
holding onto the roots
of the believers
around us
that we might not be toppled
by the next gust of wind.
We must hold each others hands
that we might not fall.

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