Soccer Saturday

Saturday was so sweet.  We had very nice, dry – albeit windy – weather for soccer.  We hit some heavy traffic trying to get to the game, but we’re thinking that may be the norm for the season with hundreds of vehicles heading down Washington Road on a busy Saturday morning or afternoon.

Joy on the field

I love watching my kids play sports.  Joy has only played soccer once and she’s been on swim team for two years, but that’s it.  With my big kids in every direction, I’ve just let her tag along as I took them from place to place, knowing that her time is coming.

Now that my teens are driving and off in other directions, Joy has gotten to be in the spotlight a bit.  She loved soccer last year and was very excited about this season. I try really hard not to over commit.  If Joy had it her way, she would be taking ballet/tap/jazz/hip-hop, gymnastics and playing each seasonal sport.  I’d love for her to be a part of a Math or Science Olympiad, when she gets just a bit older.  She’s into drama, as well. But, all those activities crammed into one week makes for a tired child and little home time.  So, we’re very careful about which activities we choose outside the home.  There is definitely a difficult balance to find between what looks good and what is best for each individual family.

Upward Love

Joy has actually been very nervous this week, knowing that the first few games are difficult as the team hasn’t been together long or had many practices. But, by the time the game was half over, the girls were working together fairly well.  They enjoyed the game and even won!!

The season will be too short.  The teams only play about six to eight weeks total.  Then we’ll be moving on to swim team.  It’s also a short season, but one we cherish.  James has already aged out of the league.  Glory doesn’t have long before she’ll be too old, as well.  Joy will be our last fish in the water before long.

So, we’re cherishing these times.  I’m thankful for quality, healthy activities for my children. The days are truly fleeting.

Are you protective of your children and their time at home?
How do you decide which activities to choose and which to pass by?


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