Makes Me Happy Monday : Pigeons

Maybe if I lived in some big city like New York, pigeons wouldn’t make me happy.

But, I don’t. I live in a small enough city that they’re not a nuisance.  There is plenty of space for people and pigeons.  They don’t pester or irritate here.  They’re around, but not underfoot. Pigeons make me smile

Pigeons, like most living beings, have a personal bubble.  But, theirs is SO obvious because, when they sit on telephone lines, they are evenly spaced up and down the lines.  Whether you’re looking at a group of thirty or just four or six, each pigeon is generally the same amount of space for the next bird.  This cracks me up!! I often laugh out loud when I see them!!  It just makes me smile.

In part, this makes me smile because it reminds me of God’s sense of order.  Most of our world has order.  When you throw a ball up, it comes down. When you poke yourself with a pin, you feel pain. After the spring, comes summer. After one wave in the ocean, comes another.  Lizards give birth to lizards, not mosquitoes.  After someone dies, it’s natural to feel sadness. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom always make water. Isn’t that cool?  We know what to expect because God created the world with order.  There is order in the physical world, the emotional world, the spiritual world, the scientific world, the sexual world,  the neurological world …. every aspect of our lives.

I really like order. I like to know what to expect and what comes next.

On a Line on the way to Tech school

So, when I see pigeons, I see so much more than pigeons.  I see a reminder that God created the world with distinct, intentional, irrefutable order and that makes me smile.

Pigeons and order make me happy.
What makes you this marvelous Monday morning?


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