Makes Me Happy Monday : Rain

I’ve written about it  before:  I love rain.


It’s such a strange thing.  I used to hate rain.  It made me sad.
It seemed dreary. I didn’t like it because  it slowed me down.

Now, I love it.  Now I love it,  because it slows me down.


It draws me in.   I sit at the window and watch.  As I drive in the car, I watch the droplets bead and roll off the windows.  I love the ripples in the puddles.  I love to jump and splash.   I love the petrichor that fills the air.  There’s something so fascinating about water, don’tcha think?

I took these shots a week or so ago when we had several long days of slow, steady rain. Puddles stood everywhere.  Water pooled in the yard, it puddled on the streets and it dripped from the trees and rooftops.  There wasn’t a dry spot to be found outdoors.  We spent this weekend poured upon again.

I always think that I can hear the grass and the trees singing when it rains. If the trees of the field can clap their hands, certainly they can also sing.

I am drawn to the fact that Jesus is called The Living Water.  There God goes again: using the physical to teach us about the spiritual… the things we can see to teach us about the things we cannot.  I LOVE it!

What are the parallels?

takes the shape of the container that it fills
unless you make concerted effort to contain it,
it naturally spills out of that container
if the container is shaken.
It moves with the movement of the container
and when still,
it creates a beautiful surface for reflection.

Those are all qualities of God.
He fills every inch of our inner being when we allow ourselves to be filled by Him.
When we are shaken, he naturally spills out onto the surface around us.
He moves when we move.  He is still when we’re still.  He goes where we go ….
….. when we are filled with Him.
And there is a beautiful reflection of Him in us
when we’re still so that He can be seen.

Puddles in the Park


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