Knock Her Teeth Out

Joy always manages to stir up drama.  She doesn’t scrape her hand like most children, she “rips her hand open.”  She isn’t just hungry, she’s “starving to death.”  She isn’t just upset, she “hates everybody in the world.”  She’s going to set a world’s record and create something practical that will help everyone in the world (her current vocalized goals).  She doesn’t just dream, she dreams on an Imax screen with HD  quality viewing capabilities.

She’s had a few wiggly teeth for some time now.  She always seems to start trying to work them loose when we’re shopping at Walmart or the mall.  Maybe this is because she doesn’t have anything constructive to do so she begins to find a way to amuse herself.  Since her teeth are right there with her, she focuses on loosening them.  She’s actually pulled a tooth during a Christmas shopping trip to the mall this past year.

And it’s time.  She’s had several teeth that probably should have come out already.

Joy & her jewelsDid I mention that money is a motivator?  She’s not doing very well in the allowance department lately (it has something to do with keeping her room clean), so she knows she gets a buck a tooth.  Of course, she’s a bargaining one.  She tried to convince me to talk the tooth fairy into leaving more money on some of these guys because she’s had multiple trauma in the last few days.  The tooth fairy isn’t feeling it.

So, last night, she cashed in on her fourth tooth in ten days.  She has one more to go on the bottom left jaw and I think she’ll be done for a while.  She’s actually having some trouble chewing because she has some pretty wide holes in her mouth where the skin is fairly tender.

I can’t help but chuckle to myself.  This is so fitting for her personality.  She doesn’t just loose a tooth, she pries them out in pairs and tries to convince others that she’s owed something special for this heroism. She’s quite amusing.

How long has it been since there’s been drama in your home associated with tooth pulling? Would you like to share it with us?


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