Glass Half Full

My week working the Masters Tournament was wonderful…..
but for reasons that might not be apparent.
My favorite thing about doing something difficult
(like working from 5am to 7-11pm every day for ten days)
is that it challenges me to think, reconsider and question.

Laura & Amanda

One day last week, Amanda
asked me if I
“see the glass half full.”
And I couldn’t answer.
Ya know?
It’s so much MORE than that.
I gave it a bit of thought and
told her
that I didn’t really have an answer,
though I had given that phrase
much thought through the years.

Today, as I stepped out of my van and slipped between my brown grocery hauler and a dirty, navy Jeep Cherokee, I noticed a young guy in the front seat.  I turned right to head into the store, almost clipping the bumper with my thigh as my eye was drawn to the driver’s seat.

There were two young guys in the front seat of this vehicle.  They were dressed in standard young 20’s garb …. conversation t-shirts, and tattered symbol baseball caps. The guy in the drivers seat had a mountain dew tipped up to the roof and was refreshing himself with a drink. And I laughed….. out loud …. as I strode into the store.

There was my answer:  who needs a glass?


In this world where the status quo is giving the least amount possible, I want to give it all. I want to live hard, live loud and live big.  I want to pour myself into the lives of others.  In the end, I want to be tired because I gave it all … not because I never made the effort.

I’d rather be exhausted, heartbroken and drained, than live sitting idle,  wondering when something better will come along, while being protected and comfortable.

In fact, making this statement makes me think about John Mayer. He’s an incredibly talented man with an awesome voice … but his song Waiting on the World to Change makes me want to scream.  Here is a snippet of the lyrics from that song:

Now we see everything that’s going wrong
with the world and those who lead it.
We just feel like we don’t have the means
to rise above and beat it.
It’s hard to beat the system
when we’re standing at a distance.
So, we keep waiting …
waiting on the world to change.

Why would he feel powerless? WHY would he stand at a distance? It IS hard to beat the system, but apathy and waiting won’t change the world for the better. You must take action. You must do what you can, where you are. FIND a way to make a difference … in the world, in your community, in the lives of those around you. We all a sphere of influence and can make a difference. But, it takes action.

I want to be transparent.  I want to talk as open and honestly about sex as I do about my favorite color, your favorite food,  motorcycles and prejudice. I want it to be difficult to keep a secret because I have nothing to hide. I want you to be able to see into my heart through my eyes and know that what resides there is, though full of warts and sin, is the best I can do though I’m working on it all… note: I’m working on it… not waiting on it to change.  I want to share it all …  may I live with no shame and no regrets.

That having been said, may I also live with temperance, self control and gentleness … that no one be hurt by my words or actions because I was unthoughtful, boisterous or rude.

Life is full of decisions.  I have made the decision to love when it’s tough and sticky, find the best in the those that aren’t, and speak positively when I may not feel it, because  what comes from my mouth, goes into my ears and registers in my brain. I will think and speak what is good, positive and life-giving.

So, I found my answer to Amanda’s question, as I stepped out into the rain yesterday afternoon in the parking lot at Target.  My glass isn’t half full or half empty … I don’t use a glass: I prefer to drink straight from the two liter bottle.

How about you? Half full? Half empty?

2 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

    1. No, way! I haven’t even caught up on my reading since Masters plus some (since we were sick for a bit). I’ll have to get there and read!
      Hope you’re doing well.


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