Makes Me Happy Monday : Floating Pansies

I had every intention of coming home each day last week and posting after I got off work from the tournament, but realized quite quickly that I just wasn’t going to be able to do it.  Oh, I had SO many things spinning through my mind that I wanted to write about … but not enough time and energy to sit down and write.  So, each night when I came in, I would, instead, talk to my sweet teens for a while before retiring. James and I were both working the tournament and Glory was working at Wild Wings.  Some nights, I was actually in bed by the time that Glory got home, so I barely saw her last week.  Joy was often long asleep by the time I arrived, so I missed her, as well. I missed my family so much while I was away.  It’s very hard to be gone for such long periods of time and be away from those that you cherish most.

Somehow or another, I completely missed … forgot … misremembered my Makes Me Happy Monday post this past well as well.  It surprised me that I forgot… Makes Me Happy Mondays are my favorite posts!!

As I began sorting through my photos to prepare a slideshow, there was one photo that made my heart sing.  So, I thought I would share its story.

The week was long.  It takes hundreds of people to run the tournament.  I think Augusta National hires 1,300+ people each year.  To help keep things more simple, each of those people works extra long hours, rather than there being shifts of many employees sharing the same job.  This makes for a tiring week for employees. Some jobs commonly require 10-14 hour days.  One day, I clocked 17.58 hours. That was the night that I got two hours sleep before returning to the grounds.  Thankfully, there were only two days with two hours sleep.  Most days I averaged about five to six.  With very few true “breaks,”  remaining on your feet most of the day and very little sleep, by the end of the week, you find yourself quite tired.  I’ve found that Thursday is the “hump day.”  If I can just get through Thursday, I’ve got it licked.

I worked in one of three private cabins that was built for and services ExxonMobil Corporation executives.  This is my second year in that cabin, working with several people for the second year in a row.

The front of the cabin is plush, posh and polished.  There are hardwood floors in the foyer, flowers on tables, fresh, delicious food from morning ’til night and a shine on anything metal. Even the food is given an extra touch with lots of garnish and dressing up.   While the kitchen is very nice, well equipped and new, it isn’t “decorated.” It is small, efficient and sterile.

Garnished Roast Beast on the carving table

After bringing in a particular dish, I pulled two pretty little pansies out of the garnish.  They were wilted and floppy …. but I could still remember how beautiful they were when first adorning their dish.  I decided to place them into a custard bowl of ice water to see if they could be revived.  As the time ticked by, their delicate petals began to perk back up and seemed to sing. Did you know that pansies are edible?  Yep.  My chef, James, continued to  try tease me by telling me he was going to eat them.  But, I persevered and coaxed him to allow us to look at them for a bit longer….. just because they made me happy.

Thankfully, he obliged.

Two little bowls of happiness - M&M's & pansies

Chris, the Camellia Cabin’s Hospitality Manager, brought in two bags of M&M’s.  Is it possible to look at M&M’s and not be joyful?  They’re so bright, shiny and colorful!  So, I opened the bags and put them out for all to share …tiny round orbs of happiness in bright, cheerful colors!  Fun!

The ovals of joy went quickly … but we left those little flowers in the bowl for two to three full days, before realizing that they had lived full lives and needed to be set aside.   Then what did we do with them?  We ate them!

As I would walk back and forth through that cabin and into the kitchen, I would pass those happy little blossoms floating as if suspended in air.  They gave me energy … they helped me through.  Isn’t it amazing how something so small can make such an impact?

Thank you, Lord, for helping me to find beauty in the little things.

Thank you, James, for not eating my flowers … at least, not right away.

May I ask you a question:  What do you do to get through when hope looks dim, energy is low and you’re wondering how you’ll get through?

One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Floating Pansies

  1. You are amazing. I love pansies too but you made them a gift from God. Your pictures are so creative and sooo expressive! I love ya’ lady!!


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