Smoke Anyone?

Speaking of accountability, I had a neat thing happen last week while working at the Masters.

KyleKyle is such a neat guy.  He’s SO polite.  I remember working with him last year.  When another young man might have walked on by, Kyle would stop and pick up something that you may have dropped.  He would open the door for others.  He was quick to  allow a lady to precede him. He was approachable, but still incredibly handsome. He’s easy to talk to… just an all around neat guy.

I was thrilled to have the chance to work with him again this year.  The cabin in which I worked, Camellia cabin, didn’t have guests until Wednesday, so I was able to work in Golden Bell for the first part of the week.  This allowed me the chance to work with Kyle for several days as he was in Golden Bell. It was nice to have this opportunity again.

Tuesday night, we had a special dinner in one of the cabins.  He and I both worked this event.  During the evening, I noticed that he had a box of cigarettes in his pants pocket.  I have to be honest in telling you

I was disappointed to see those cigarettes.

Knowing what we know about cigarettes, I don’t understand why people intentionally expose themselves – and even others – to something so damaging to our bodies. I know, I know, I know that this sounds like a judgmental thought.  It’s not that I looked at Kyle and thought that I didn’t like him any more … rather, I worried about his health and the impression that cigarettes make on many people.  Though I wanted to say something to him, the opportunity didn’t pose itself and I didn’t try to “make” that happen.

Near the end of the week, I was talking with several other workers when Jillian walked up and tried to bum a cigarette for a friend.  I pointed out that Kyle smokes.  I don’t remember the conversation, but I confessed that, yes, I had noticed his cigarettes and noticed that he smoked.

As he walked away, I grabbed the back of his bicep. He spun around on a pivot and I quizzed, “Kyle, I just have to ask, ‘Why do you smoke?’ You are absolutely too handsome, too clever, too  smart and too personable to smoke cigarettes.”  We went on to talk about the health risk associated with smoking and

his response floored me.  Kyle

He replied, “Nobody has ever put it that way before and you’re right. Thank you for saying that. You know what?  I’m going to stop.”  He went on to ask me to keep him accountable.  We’re both on Facebook so he asked me to check up on him, to write on his wall, to e-mail him and stick with it.   His goal is to only smoke one cigarette per day for a week or two and then work his way down from there.  Talk about impressive.  He’s a young man who was called out on something and responded quickly and easily with a positive attitude, asking to be held accountable. What a breath of fresh air; young, handsome, considerate AND teachable.  Who could ask for more?  May I always be so quick to do the same.

May I ask you a question?  Would you help me and call me out if you see an area in my life that needs work?

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