Makes Me Happy Monday : More Mushrooms

Having worked at the Masters Tournament in a kitchen with a chef who is currently working on his Masters Degree, I am quick to ask for advice or direction.

A friend gave me a huge container of feta cheese recently.  What in the world does one do with 24 ounces of feta?  I mean, really…. I can only eat so many Greek green salads.  So, I sent James a message on Facebook to ask him what to do with all this cheese. He’s comical.  Here is our conversation:

Karen: Hey! My dh bought a big, honkin’ 24 oz. container of feta.
What can I do with it … other than put it on greek salad? I need suggestions….

James: what is dh?

James - getting ready for a

Now, that was helpful, wasn’t it?  My hip young 20’s college-aged friend doesn’t know text/computer shorthand?  Okay…. gotta work through this to get to the recipe.

Karen: you know… it’s text/computer shorthand…
dd = dear daughter
23yos = 23 year old son
gf = girl friend
dh = dear husband

Did I pass? Now, do you have any suggestions? : )
Asking for help won’t be a weekly event … I just trust your judgment and wondered what YOU would do with extra feta.

I begin to doubt whether I will receive help:

Karen: hey… and if you don’t have any ideas … that’s fine: )

just tell me to find a recipe on line! lol

When I get a response, it is:

James: i would eat it

Great. Chef James reminds me of my own James.  They share the same sense of humor … they make me laugh.

Karen: Thanks, man. I knew I could count on you : )

Then he pulls through!

James: you could saute up some chopped mushroom, garlic, and onions, add some red wine and reduce. add some feta cheese and some chopped parsley. season with salt and pepper to taste. stuff mixture into mushroom caps, and sprinkle parm cheese on top (I mixed in some bread crumbs with the parm cheese) , bake in oven at 375 for  about twenty minutes or until cooked.

Delectable stuffed mushroom caps .... with a gracious amount of FETA

Now, that’s what I was looking for!!  So, yesterday afternoon, we had stuffed mushrooms as an evening appetizer. Delicious, succulent, earthy  mushrooms.  They were fantastic.  And I was reminded again how much I love mushrooms.

Thanks, James.  You’re awesome …. hard to work with, at times <wink>, but still awesome.

Fresh stuffed mushrooms make me happy AND make my kitchen smell delicious!
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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