Impromtu Shoot

As James came in from church on Sunday afternoon, I noticed he had done his hair a little differently.  The sun was just right and I had a few minutes so I snagged him by the arm and pulled him out into the yard.  I had a huge handful of pictures of both of my photogenic girls, but James … not so much.

My handsome young man/child

The yard is becoming lush as the moisture and full sun return to Georgia.  We looked more like we were in a local park than our own overgrown backyard.  Though I often look out and sigh, knowing that there is much work to be done in the back, this afternoon, I was happy for all the greenery.

His favorite shotAbove is his favorite shot.  Below is mine.

i love it!!!

Lastly, a collage of several great shots.

I love this guy : )

He’s easy to photograph because he does goofy things … he’s spur of the moment ….

he’s just plain fun!


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