She’s in Heaven

Another death.
Another chance to hang my head and ask
“What do I do with this, Lord?”

My friend, Marilee, has passed away.

You know how it goes?  Someone passes away suddenly and there is an interview on television of some neighbor who says, “We’re just in shock.  She would have done anything for anybody.  She was the sweetest person you could ever want to know.”  And she was.

A teacher who married and became a homeschool mom, she was diligent to make sure that her children schooled well and thoroughly.  She and her husband just added a school room onto their home this past summer.  She bought fresh milk, fed her family organic, made her bread from scratch and had the most humble, sweet, merciful spirit.  She wore dresses and I don’t believe I ever heard her speak an unkind word.  Her children take violin lessons.  She drove a mini-van, though her family only numbered four.  Do you get the picture?

Her death wasn’t sudden. She had had trouble with her health the three or four years that I knew her.  She had aches and pains and would end up bedridden for a bit.  Once rested, she would be okay for a while.  About six to nine months ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia.  She and her husband chose to go the natural route and try to find a way to intervene without traditional, harmful medicines.  After a short period of time, they went with the more traditional. But, she continued to get sicker and was hospitalized with an underlying sickness that needed to be healed before they could further attack the leukemia. As she lie there, her in-laws cared for and schooled those sweet children.  She went into ICU and remained there about six to eight weeks, before her spirit was released to her Lord.

And I sit, as did my son only a few short weeks ago, and ask, “What do I do with this?”  I don’t ask “why” … but wonder “what?”  and “how?”  and “when?”  What next?  How will her children do?  When will the pain subside?  How long will it take?  What happens in the days ahead? When will the healing begin?

...... wildflowers .......

I have not much to offer.  A simple card, a meal, a prayer.  Her husband, Bill, seems to be a private man.  How can I reach out?  How can I offer comfort?

Most likely, I cannot. There is only one True Comforter.  And so I will pray.  It will be easy to remember …. as I go about my life as a mom, interacting with my children.  It will be easy to remember as I am so grateful to have this time – though I know not how long I have any more than Marilee did.

As much as one can be sure, I know that I know that I know that she was a Christian.  She dearly loved God.  She spoke of Him as a friend.  She lived a life full of His fruit.  So, she’s no longer “here” … now she is “there.”  Surely, she is in heaven.

For her family,
I will pray for strength.
I will pray for healing.
I will pray that He will lead them through the healing.
Especially the children.

Will you join me and pray as well?

I will miss my sweet friend … her smiling face, her joyful spirit, her presence in my life.
May I inspire others and draw them to Him, as she did me.


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