Enjoying the Time

Again, I find myself reminded that my time with my sweet Glory is short.  Nina has come to town for the week and I’ve enjoyed the two of them SO much!!

Glory at ABC

Monday night, the three of us went to Atlanta Bread Company.  We ate yummy food and sat and talked.  Glory cruised around the web a little.  We took a few photos … and I simply enjoyed their sweet company.

a delicious, bowl of tang, crunch and crispness

May I interject that ABC’s Asian Salad was my choice for dinner and proved to be a delicious choice.  Tender chicken, savory dressing, crunchy noodles, crisp lettuce …. it was truly a delectable dinner choice.

I had done a little investigation earlier in the day.  There are belly dance classes at a community center near our home. As we talked, we realized it was still early Monday.  Class started at 6:15!  So, we finished dinner and headed back to the neighborhood for a fun evening of instruction.

Mari, our instructor

What surprised me most about the belly dance class is what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a class of ten to fifteen 135 lb, 5’10 women with tight abs, long, sultry hair and moves like Shakira.  Instead, it was a room full of women just like me, albeit more coordinated and “loose,” as they’ve had much more practice and training in the art of belly dance.  But, they were so comfortable in their skin and so very talented. It was a very inspiring evening!

While Nina’s been here, we’ve gone to a second class, gone to see a movie and eaten dinner at Wild Wings on a night when Glory was working.  The two of them plan grab James and take Joy ice skating on Thursday.  SO much fun!!

I know these days are fleeting.  It’s difficult to think about Glory moving away.  In a  year or two, she’ll pack up and take off for somewhere else. I’ll miss her company SO much.    For now, I’ll just enjoy her sweet smile and bubbly disposition and know that she’s a good friend.


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