Home Alone

Okay, I’m NOT actually home “ALONE.”  James, Glory and Nina are still here.  But, Joy has been taken off for the weekend so I have the weekend “to myself.”  The folks left here are definitely “fend for yourself” kind of people.  They’ll  play and go to work without prompting. They’ll remember to bathe and pick up behind themselves.  They don’t have to be driven anywhere and they won’t ask endless questions. So, I’m “free” as much as a mommy can be.

Almost ready to go

The hard part for me about this perspective is: I’m overwhelmed
because there are SO many things I want to do.

I would really like to:

Clean the entire house
Put away winter clothes/get out summer clothes for myself
Wash all the dirty laundry/change my bed linens
Clean the Kitchen …. well
Hang mirrors in party room (for dance practice)
Go see a movie
Homework (I have at least six hours worth)
Find three photos of Glory (for a graduation slideshow)
Create Glory’s year book page
Take Glory’s Senior portraits
Finish Biographies for graduation program/email them to program creator
Soak up some rays for at least an hour Saturday and Sunday

Add to this, Swim Team meeting and registration
and a funeral for dear Marilee ……

Obviously, some things won’t get finished.

And before I can start any of it, I must first gather together the piles of things that are Joy’s that need to be put away.  I’m NOT going to put them in place FOR her.  I’m just going to put them into a laundry basket and SAVE them for her.

Two couches - covered in clothes, toys, art supplies .... almost all are Joy's things of responsibilityDo you find yourself in the position … with dozens of things you’d like to accomplish
but not enough time to do them all?
What are YOUR plans for this beautiful Saturday morning?


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