James Taylor and Influence

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Florida.  I am SO excited.  I’m headed to St. Augustine to spend the weekend with a college room mate.  We’ll be attending a James Taylor concert Friday night.  How cool is that?

When I was pledging a sorority in the winter quarter of my freshman year, I was invited to go to a James Taylor concert.  Because I was pledging, I had to ask permission to leave campus.  I was granted that permission and joined a friend, Skip, to Auburn, Alabama for an evening of entertainment.  If my memory serves me correctly, James was wearing a white, button down shirt.  And that’s about all I remember about the evening.

But, that evening cemented for me a love of James Taylor, acoustic guitar and interesting song lyrics. This is a passion that still stands strong today.


Thinking back on this concert and my continuing love for JT’s style of music has caused me to  give some thought to this concept of how something small can have a great impact on your life, the paths that you choose and the direction that you go.

When Glory first began looking for a job, I told her that she needed to draw a one to two mile circle around our home.  There HAD to be a place she could get a job within that circle.  My goodness, inside that circle there are THREE Chick-fil-a’s and five Starbucks.  That should give you an idea of the area in which we live… truly a hub of busy-ness. So, she comes home one after, having visited about four or five restaurants.  She says, “Wild Wings told me to go do a drug test Monday morning.”  We translated for her:  “You’re hired.”

Have you been to a Wild Wings?  It’s …. uhm  …… not just a wings place.  It’s a bar that operates under the guise of being a chicken restaurant.  You even get carded on Friday and Saturday nights after 10:00 pm.  It’s not quite a Hooter’s type place, exactly, but, after ten on weekends …. it’s basically a bar … with a band and dance floor and everything.

Then there’s this belly dancing thing.  I’m love, Love, LOVING it!! Glory is enjoying it, too. I want to learn for many reasons.  But, I’m wondering about Glory.  Is it a good thing for her to learn to belly dance?  I think it’s wonderful for her to learn to control her body, to be physically fit, and to move with poise. The movements that we are learning are not sexual, though, there are many movements and dances that are.  I’ve seen jazz routines that are more sensual in recitals, so I think that dance can go many directions and genre doesn’t necessarily mean any particular thing. None-the-less,  I do not want her to use these movements in an inappropriate way.   …. dilema …..

Glory - talking about posture and knee position

So, I’m thinking a lot lately about how something small (like the introduction of a job, music genre or dancing) can steer something big (like a life direction or preference) and my responsibility as a parent to guide myself and those under my influence with wisdom.


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