*whispers* I’m so excited

Last week, I leaned over towards my own Sweet Baby James and said, “I’m so excited!”

He asked, “Mom, why do you always  w  h  i  s  p  e  r when you’re excited?”

Hmm…… I hadn’t thought about it until that moment.

When Glory was younger and inching her way into the teen years, I would find my blood pressure rising as we went round and round about ….. any number of things.  I would raise my voice and she would say, “Mom, don’t yell at me.”  OMGoodness!  “YELL!!” I wasn’t yelling.  I was simply raising my voice.  Sometimes I was only firming my voice or changing the tone.  The volume WOULD NOT change, but my inflection would.  She was SO sensitive about this that one day I snapped and said, “From now on, when I feel my blood pressure beginning to rise, I will whisper.  I won’t raise my voice again.”

For the most part, that’s been the standard now for five to seven years.  It’s really a good thing.  We can honestly say that we don’t yell at our house.  We don’t fight.  The the female cubs, for the most part, don’t even stomp, pout or slam doors.  <whispers>

As my James quizzed me, it hit me:  this must be why I whisper when I get excited.  People listen when you whisper.  We have so many bodies in our home that I find too much noise sort of disagreeable.  I try not to ADD to the commotion.  I can’t even have music playing if there is too much going on.  So, when I get excited, you’ll find that I tend to
lean in and  w h i s p e r what I am excited about.

I did a lot of whispering last week as I prepared for a trip to St. Augustine to visit my friend, Mary Ann.  With each passing day, the level of anticipation rose.

What do you do when you get excited?


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