Caps and Friends

After an afternoon on the beach last Saturday with a witch-hazel-soaked ice pack on my foot, my sweet friend, Mary Ann, and I headed out to dinner.Caps in St. Augustine - yum

We attended a very small Methodist school in Cuthbert, Georgia, called Andrew College.  At the time we were there, the enrollment was just around four hundred students.  Having spent day after day, month after month, on this small plot of about 35 acres,  you quickly got to know people intimately.

Through Facebook, I have found so many friends from the past.  I’ve been reunited with elementary school friends, high school acquaintances and college ties.  There is a quickly growing community of people that attended college in the 1981-1983 time frame.  Since Mary Ann and I both discussed our plans to go to St. Augustine for the James Taylor, a few friends in that area suggested that we get together.  So, Saturday night was dedicated to reuniting with friends.A comfy swing and the bar area

Ya know, when I was younger, I thought that people change as they get older.  But, as I’ve gotten older and watched people through the years, I’ve decided that that isn’t necessarily so.   I guess we mellow or mature, but really, in most aspects, people don’t really change much through the years.  We are who we are … at 20, 30, 40 and beyond. Caps - a restaurant on a dock

That was certainly true with these friends.  Robert was as friendly and personable as I remember from the past.  His dedication to his family was so evident.  He even brought his teenage daughter, Kelcie along for our meal.  She was SUCH a pleasure to meet.  (We’re kindred hearts … she loves to “shoot” things and people  … she always has a camera in hand : )  Tim, Robert, his daughter Kelcie, Karen (me), Mary Ann and Max

Tim was quite busy as he manages the incredible restaurant where we ate, Caps on the Water.  Having moved here to go to school at the age of 17 from England, he has now made Florida his home.  And it suits him well.  Handsome and cordial, it was such a pleasure to get to visit with him, as brief as our visit was.  Tim standing in the blue, helping the table make menu decisions

The restaurant was absolutely beautiful.  We sat and watched the sun set as we dined under moss draped, low hung oak boughs.  If you’re in the St. Augustine area, it is definitely worth the time to find the restaurant.    Mary Ann and Max against the sunset

And Max was the third of our friends.  All these guys once played soccer for Andrew, and oddly enough, are either still playing, have just recently quit or are still very active in the arena of sports.


Max is an air plane pilot who spends a good deal of time away from home.  You could tell from his conversation that he would like very much to change this.  He is close with his wife and girls.  The more we talked, the more I  could see what a man of integrity he is and always has been.  He’s a very quiet person though.  I’m sad that I didn’t know him better in college. twinkling lights on substantial limbs oak

Ya know, I’m one of those rare people that is comfortable on stage with a mic in hand even when asked to give an impromptu speech on belly button lint.  It takes a lot to shake me.  But, I have to tell you that I was nervous about our dinner.  I talked to Mary Ann about it as we drove over.  I’m not sure why I was nervous: I just was. salt air, bouyant toys and wooden walking paths - FUN

Looking back – that was really silly.

Sunset on the water

Our dinner was delectable.
I know that I’ve never had a seafood meal as fresh and delicious.
The company was so refreshing  – catching up on old friendships.
Each of us had something to contribute about at least five or ten old classmates.  Between the four or five of us, we covered a large portion of the school.
We had a wonderful visit on that breezy, balmy evening …..
watching the sun go down
and new friendships dawn.


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