Makes Me Happy Monday : Quilts

I love quilts.  But, I especially love quilts of delicate, simple squares or rectangles.

I’ve seen two recently that I am drawn to … each of which is found on Pleasant View Schoolhouse.  Have you strolled by and seen sweet Daisy? I know the tender friendship my blogosphere sister shares with Ella.  I have the same with Glory.  I know the emptiness she feels when thinking of Felix leaving …. I already pine for James who, at this moment, sleeps in all in nineteen year old manliness in the room adjacent. Giles is already gone ….. and then there is dear Clara, who is among other things, a clever weaver.

Maybe it’s Anna’s gentle tone, the crispness in the white of her blog background paired with the clean simple lines in her header or the way that her home looks clean and neat in every photo shared that draws people to her blog.  I have many times had friends mention Pleasant View Schoolhouse as if Anna lived around the corner and was an inspiring, dear friend.  It’s exciting to know that one person can have such an impact on so many strangers … much like an author of a book has had in year’s past.

This link will show you one of the quilts that Anna has whipped together. Here’s another that is a favorite of mine …. I love the cool, clean blues in this one.

The first quilt reminds me of a pile of scraps that I have had for …. AT LEAST ten years.  I can’t seem to let these go.  Surely, I will find time one day to piece them together to create a like masterpiece.

And I have a dream of a heavy, rich quilt that we will bring out in the winter that will compliment our rust, olive and golden bedspread (partially shown here).

Yes, quilts make me happy…. though I currently have not a one in my home.  Maybe if I start now, I might have one finished in time for chilly weather in December?


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