Blessings on Mother’s Day

I was a little bit sad over the weekend.  A family member didn’t think about the fact that it was Mother’s Day and decided to take a road trip, taking along Joy as a companion.  I didn’t want to seem persnickety, so I didn’t say anything as they discussed destinations.  They decided on the beach. They packed quickly and took off.

Though part of the family was gone, Mother’s Day was still such a blessing.

After visiting a new church, my sweet James bought me lunch.  I chose to go to Moe’s.  We dined on the patio outside, listening to great music and enjoying the sun and the breeze. Glory and Ryan joined us, so we had a very nice afternoon.

My sweet Glory bought me some more bracelets.  I’ve really been enjoying my stack of stretchy beaded bands in various colors, but couldn’t find any black beaded bracelets.  She picked up a stack for me and they completed my collection.A stack of my fun, stretchy bracelets ... in fun, tropical summer colors!!

This photo is from my trip to St. Augustine and shows some of the fun, summer colored bracelets that I recently acquired. With Glory’s gift, I now have bracelets to wear with any color outfit.

And sweet Joy bought me a great coffee cup.  It has a neat little spoon that rests inside the handle.  She liked it because it was different!

I was also given a really fun, wide-brimmed, bejewled straw hat that will be perfect for summer outings when the sun is at it’s strongest. It’s a soft brown that will go with a lot of my clothes.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. I’m so thankful to be a mom and enjoy all the joys that come with that responsibility.

How was your Mother’s day?


3 thoughts on “Blessings on Mother’s Day

  1. Sorry that your mother’s day was a little sad — but I am glad you were able to redeem it. Sometimes special days are hard on us — when they don’t meet up to our expectations. That woudl be a great blog post — Expectations. Anyway, I love your bracelets! The are colorful and fun — just like you.


  2. The bracelets are lovely. You wear them well. Gift ideas… something my dad has REALLY enjoyed getting are scrapbooks just for him. I even did a Kodak upload one for his birthday this past year and he just kept looking at it over and over. You can do full-bleed photos which makes it look so professional and neat. So, my dad who is IMPOSSIBLE to please, was very pleased. The online scrapbooks start in the 20s for a good sized one. I know you do all kinds of handmade scrapbooks, but from the male perspective, I found they are MORE impressed with the on-line ones. So there’s my two cents! Love ya!!


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