Makes Me Happy Monday : Picnik

I’ve written about picnik before, (you can go here to read) but when I think about picnik, I always think, “picnik makes me happy!”  I tell people about it.  I use it ALL the time.  I really love it.  It’s a user friendly, on-line photo editing option that I thoroughly enjoy.  I use it to somehow enhance about 50% of my photographs.  I bought a membership … but it only cost around $20.00!  Wow.  What a deal! Maybe when I get photoshop and learn how to use it quickly and easily, I’ll put picnik aside, but right now, I LOVE picnik.picnik on my screen

I’ll throw in one of my most recently picniked photos … of Glory at the Savannah River Rapids Pavillion.  This is from her graduation photoshoot.


So, I felt I needed to actually say:  “Picnik makes me happy!”

What makes YOU happy this beautiful Monday?


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