Field Day at School

Last Thursday was Field Day at Augusta Tech. I was excited about field day for the two weeks prior it’s arrival!  I couldn’t wait for Thursday to arrive. James has two teachers this quarter.  One didn’t mention field day AT ALL.  The other mentioned that he wouldn’t be taking roll.

Then there is Sherrie, my instructor and program director.Sherrie with one of our Tug O' War teams

She may just be Field Day’s #1 Cheerleader.  But then again, anything she’s a part of, she’s the #1 Cheerleader.  She lives loud and with enthusiasm.  There are no “bad days.”  We may learn more from certain situations, but that makes the rough days, good days.  I like her outlook.  Yep: She’s my instructor.  She’s my advisor.  She’s my friend.

So, we prepared.  We discussed who would bring what food.  We planned. We designed, voted on and printed our team t-shirt. And we got excited.

The winning t-shirt design was created by Marshall, who is pictured above in the plaid shorts, standing beside Sherrie.  It was very clever.  The back read:  THIS IS WHAT TEXT LOOKS LIKE BEFORE IT HITS THE PAPER.  Naturally, it was printed backwards.  Clever, huh?  Here are two other shirts that were clever.  Can you tell which programs they represent? Engineering & Cardiology

Outlook is everything, isn’t it?  James mentioned to a friend at school how excited I was about Field Day.  He said that the guy gave him the “ruffled brow” look.  The friend didn’t get it.  If he went, he may not have had as much fun as I did, either.  I was looking forward to the day and so I had a great time!! And though James is in another program, he wore one of our t-shirts and hung out with our group.  I was really glad that he did.Water Balloon Toss - and break!!

The day was filled with all sorts of silly and serious games.  From Checkers and Spades to Horseshoes and Water Balloon Toss.  We had some serious Tug o’ War games, Tricycle Races and an Egg In Spoon Relay.

The grillmaster pointed out that, on a rec area that probably has over 100 acres, we chose to play limbo within five feet of the grill! He made us move. Vincent trying Limbo by the grill with Sherrie's help

The crem-de-la-crem of the day is the Paper Boat Race.  Any department at school can make a boat out of paper (like cardboard boxes).  The boat can be waterproofed, but it must be made of paper.  The boats are manned and raced around the lake.  Oh My! What fun!!  Our boat, manned by Sean and Vincent, won fourth place. Our program (Printing and Graphic Design) definitely had the best cheerleaders.  We cheered for every event, but we REALLY cheered at the boat race. Our Paper Boat - and the boats on the water preparing for the START!

We brought home a hand full of ribbons – I think there a few in each category with lots in the second and third place ranking.  But most of all, we were there and we were a team.


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