Missing Band

Before leaving  St. Augustine on Sunday afternoon, Mary Ann and I sat on the beach soaking in the rays and savoring our last moments together.  She was already in shorts, prepared for a smooth move on to Jacksonville.  Me?  I was in my swimsuit and just hated to leave town and get back to reality.

As we lie there, I looked down and snapped a shot of this ring.  Grace had recently found it and it fit me perfectly.  I love bands.  I have at least ten different bands that I mix and match on my left hand.  I always have a band on to symbolize that I am married, but I don’t actually have my original wedding band.  I especially like to stack bands. I have gold, silver, braided, decorated and others.

So, I wore this new band  for several days and then ….

……. it was gone.

My hands were a bit oily from suntan oil.  Maybe it slipped off when I took a quick dive into the pool just before I left. Or maybe it came off when I quickly washed my hair out before dressing?  I remember playing with it while I sat there in my chair.  Maybe I took it off, sat it on the arm of the chair and it fell off without my noticing.

No matter what happened: it is gone.

And it makes me sad.

I’ve thought about losing the ring over and over and over.   Did I lose it because it was lost when I put it on my finger and God is using this as a physical lesson?  Was it not mine to keep?  Should I have put an ad in the local paper trying to find it’s rightful owner and when it was not claimed, would it have then been mine?  Is there some other story to tell?

I don’t have those answers.  What I do have is a sadness that this really awesome ring that I was thoroughly enjoying is now gone.

Have you lost anything lately?


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