Makes Me Happy Monday : The Flag

Isn’t this a gorgeous flag photo?  My sweet friend, Mary Ann, took it recently while she was in Hawaii doing some sightseeing.

I don’t know what it is about the flag that is so appealing, but I love the American flag.
Maybe it’s because of the ideals that founded our country.
Maybe it’s pride in the people that live, work and play here.
Maybe my love is inspired by the years of living
and working on and around bases and posts.
Mary Ann Handran's Flag PhotoI love the beautiful geometric design,
the stimulating colors
and the movement of the red, white and blue
seen on a windy day.
I love the way that  people stand at attention
with hand over heart
when The Pledge of Allegiance
or the National Anthem begin.

Whatever the reason, I love our flag.
And I’m thankful to live in a country where freedom still reigns.

May your Memorial Day be blessed with
remembrance of those who served
and gratefulness for the freedoms that you enjoy….
because it is so true ….
Freedom Isn’t Truly Free.


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