Makes Me Happy Monday : Gardenia

My mom has always been partial to Gardenias.  We had the traditional larger Gardenia bush in our yard when I was growing up.  There is a smaller variety that I see quite often now.  It is a smaller plant with a smaller flower, but packs the same pungent, sweet smell.

There is something about a gardenia.  For some reason, they make me think of crisply ironed linen and straw hats, homemade lemonade in a sweaty, tall glass and sandals. I picture them near a wooden rocking chair with a mosquito buzzing nearby….. or gnats!

This year, the flowers snuck up on me.  It seems like we were still having chilly nights and then – bam! – all of the sudden the Gardenias were blooming.  This summer seemed to come quickly to me.

So, I enjoy the Gardenia by sight and smell.  They are a traditional southern favorite.Gardenia

What is your favorite flower?


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