First Swim Meet

Tuesday night was the first swim meet for our summer, neighborhood swim league.  I LOVE swim team.  It’s such a family sport.  All the kids are in or gathered round one central location.  You don’t have to worry about one parent watching kids at one field and another parent over at another field.  With swimming, you’re all together!  Yay!

I have to say, though, that for some reason, when kids become teens, they typically don’t care for swimming any more.  I don’t get it.  I don’t understand it.  And I don’t give in.  If you’re under 19, you’re swimming.

Glory gets quite disappointed because she’s not very fast.  She LOOKS beautiful in the water.  She has wonderful form and smooth, beautiful strokes… but she rarely wins a race.  In years past, she really tried to hard to get stronger and do better.  She’s given that up.  She only swims now because it’s a “Mom-requirement.” She had to quit rowing because she had some joint problems.  Swimming is easy on the joints.  She says that she is sad that she gave up ballet.  She says that she doesn’t know how to do anything really well.  I disagree.  She may not be the fastest swimmer in the bunch, but she has over ten years experience and she swims really well… maybe not exceptionally FAST, but well.  I hope one day, she will be thankful that she was required to stick it out to the end and realize that her swimming abilities will be a lifelong blessing.

Coach Glory and Head Coach, Amy

Left is Glory, heat sheet (schedule) in hand, waiting for another race to start.  This is her second year coaching.  She’s amazing with the little folk.

Right is Coach Amy, our fearless leader.  Her encouragement and ever positive outlook trickle down to the smallest water bug.  She’s a great coach and we love her.

On the left, is one of my favorite people, a close friend, who happens to be quite goofy at times. Lorin makes me smile.  She has four kids on the team.

And even James is still on deck.  This year, he’s aged out and can’t swim, but has been recruited as a timer.  Here we are (on the right) between races. Lorin/James & I

I laugh at God. I’ve ALWAYS stood on the poolside and seen kids do things that are illegal.  I’ve thought and even sometimes commented, “Hey!  That’s a DQ!”

Just over a week ago I had to take the class to be certified as a Stroke & Turn Judge.  HA! It’s SOOOO much more difficult than it looks.

I used to think that it was so sweet how the judges take it easy during those first one or two meets in the summer.  gads!  That’s not what they were doing.  They are LOST.  They’re petrified!  They’re wondering what they’re seeing and if they can/should call it!!  Wow.

So, here I am, a S&T judge watching for scissors kicks during butterfly or breast, flutter kicks during breast, pulling too many times under the water on breast and butter, premature starts on relays and non-simultaneous touches on the wall.  And did you know that freestyle is any stroke except butter, back or breast when one is part of a relay?  Dog paddling is even acceptable. Yep. Who knew!

So, that’s my Checkmate story from God of late.  Be careful what you wish for – He might just give it to you.  THEN you realize how completely incapable you are to do that thing that you thought you could do so much better than “him” or “her.” <grins>

The summer swim schedule is a fast one.  The season will be over before we know it.  Chilly morning water, doughnut-after-meet parties and the mad dash for the Mako’s t-shirts before we head to a meet will be a thing of the past.

What’s on your summer schedule?


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