My sweet friend, Heather, has really had some struggles.

Her son has some very serious emotional issues.  Her husband has recently been sent overseas.  This change of pace in the home has caused a flare up of Sam’s semi-settled struggles.  With much trepidation, Heather decided the best thing for her family of four little ones would be to move back home to Virginia so she could be close to family.  Because she was forced to squeeze her growing, busy family of five into two bedrooms in her parents home, the Tea Cup Chihuahua got to go along for the ride, but the sweet kit-kat did not.  Brier was left behind for a bit. Heather planned to be back in just a week or two to gather belongings and Brier, but that didn’t happen as quickly as she would have liked.

Sweet Brier

And honestly, it was breaking my heart to know that
Brier was there in the house in Albany all by herself.

A friend was going in to feed Brier and freshen up the litter box.  She would pet Brier for a bit, give her a good brushing (as she’s shedding terribly …. a sign of stress?) and give her some attention.  But, all I could think about was how social and vocal Brier has been … immersed in this busy, active and loud family of six.

And then, she was left alone.

So, when we went down to Nina’s graduation a few weeks ago, I went in and swept Brier out of her solitude
and brought her back here to Augusta. Wondering about the outdoors

She spent the first few days holed up in my bedroom, moving from my vanity dresser to my bed …. back and forth.  Upon occasion she would go up under the bed.

Our Smudger wasn’t especially cordial, but then he’s not taken to that kind of silliness.  He’s quite the curmudgeon of late.  He’s not one for wanting to be bothered or put out of his own preferred schedule.  And he’s not much for social interaction.  Brier and Mr. Man met with some squalls and stare downs, but thankfully, no fur went flying.  The two have fairly accepted one another, now that Brier has been our guest for a good month.

Relaxing on my bedIt’s hard for me.  Heather has now brought her brood back to Albany – four under eight.  She is single-handedly sorting and packing up an entire house full of goods for four little people and two adults – five years accumulation… which is quite a long time for a person of military stature.   I am here in Augusta, going through finals until next Wednesday.  Her movers will be there by the time that I am free and able to leave town.  I’m not much help to her this far away <sighs>.

It’s hard to know that what I want to do (go and help her … feed her babies, wipe noses, drink a cup of coffee with her and help clean her home before inspection)  and what I am able to do (none of the above), do not match up.  But, I look at Brier and am thankful that I have been able to help Heather.

While she would have sat alone for weeks on end, instead Brier has been loved upon.
While she would have lived in silence, we have given her noise.
While she would have felt abandoned, we have provided company.

So, there are times when we must
do the things that we CAN do
and not think about what we WANTED to do.

I’m thankful that Brier has been with us.  In another two weeks,
Heather will swing through our town and pick up her girl and head north.
I know Brier will be happy to see her family.
And ours will be sad to see her go.

9 thoughts on “Brier

  1. you. are . amazing.

    and i love you.

    and… i am forever in your debt. you continually bless me from afar and i am so honored to be called YOUR friend.

    give brier- brier a kiss for us. 🙂 i miss her.


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