Makes Me Happy Monday : Moss

I LOVE moss. It is so many things that I like.
It is supple and lush. It is many shades of green in one tiny spot.
It grows on trees, and rocks and stone and terra cotta pots.It’s sultry and sensual in a tactile, sensory sort of way.   It is dense and succulent.
Most varieties are soft and beg to be touched.  It loves the cool, shady spots of summer where the air remains fragrant and moist.
It perks up  and is revived when the rain comes and pours itself down
upon the tiny stems and leaves of verdigris, emerald, jade and olive .The site of moss calms me. It is simply soothing.
It reminds me of bonsai and waterfalls. It incites the thought  of serenity.
I can hear a wood thrush in my mind when I see moss on the ground.

In this busy world we live in,
it’s a good thing to surround ourselves with things that cause us to relax.

Moss makes me relax.  Moss makes me happy.

How about you?  What helps you relax?
What makes you happy this wonderful Makes Me Happy Monday morning?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Moss

  1. I DO love moss too! When I worked in my grandma’s flower shop, we used it in arrangements and to make wreaths, I loved working with it. Love hiking and coming across a patch of it. Flower arranging is relaxing to me, and of course reading. And you ask what makes me happy this Monday morning? YOU! You have such a unique outlook on life and are such FUN! Thanks for being my friend and for helping me “stop and smell the roses”. Never a dull moment with you!


  2. Really??? You love moss, too? Neat!!!
    You’re so sweet!! I love you, too. You Browndogs & Bunnies are just grand.
    It was SOOOO good to see you guys yesterday at the pool!
    It never occurred to me to invite you. You’ll have to come again.
    Did George ever make his way up there?


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