Do I honor God?

Glory, Drew, Ben and I are having such a wonderful time in Atlanta at AtlantaFest  The music is outstanding.  People are everywhere.  I love  camping.  I love being surrounded by all the animals, the water, the trees … just being immersed in the outdoors.

It’s been very hot here in Atlanta.  While this afternoon’s concert was going on, I pulled myself aside to sit in the shade.  I have bought a few books so, I took my books and my backpack over to a tree and sat down to read and cool off for a bit.

I picked up a little book for my sweet, James. It’s called between the lines – one liner wisdom for today’s guys by Jeffrey Dean. It’s a palm sized book.  It’s a quick read.  It’s a book of questions, to get you thinking about your walk with God, your values, your friends and your future.

I was really taken by these questions:

Will the decision I am about to make honor or dishonor God?
Will this decision I am about to make
push this girl closer to or pull this girl away from God?

He was speaking to the guys about their actions within a relationship.

But, it made me think about my actions with others…. with people close to me like my sweet Joy, my wonderful Glory and dear James. Do I lead them along the way toward Christ or do I push them away? Do my daily actions toward my spouse cause him to stumble in any way?  It made me think about these days that I’m here in Atlanta and the opportunity I have to make an impression on these two young men with us, Drew and Ben.

There are also those fleeting relationships that are formed along the way …. with a checker at Wal-mart, waiting in line at an event or an indirect relationship formed in the few moments I might be in a parking lot talking to a friend and I’m simply overheard.  Would my actions be perceived as less than admirable.  Do my few words to the person with me speak acceptance and mercy or are they unkind and judgmental?

What is God talking to you about lately?


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