Dissin’ God

Yesterday morning, he had a chance to speak in an intimate little stage area here at Stone Mountain and listen to Phil Joel.  For thirteen years, he  was one of the Newsboys.  One of his songs, Resolution, has been one of my favorites for a long time.  It was from his solo album Bring It On.

As he began to speak, I wondered how much thought he had given to the topic he had chosen for the morning.   It seemed as though, he was shooting from the hip. Then I slowly realized, he’s just a real personable, comfortable kind of guy.  He was just sharing from the heart.  It was more of a conversation, than a speaker delivering a message.
Phil Joel sharing at the Woods Stage So, I listened even more closely.

And the more he spoke, the more I heard from Him.

If there is anything that God has C O N T I N U E D to talk to me about for ages,
it’s the fact that He wants me to spend time with Him.

Relationship.  It’s almost become a cliche in the church world.
It’s the word that Phil continued to use.

Is there another word that creates the same emotional image as the word relationship?

The thesaurus lists the following words as being synonyms for the word relationship:
tie, connection, blood tie, kinship, affinity, ancestry, affair, liaison, partnership, alliance.
None of these words has the same connotation as relationship.

The dictionary defines  a relationship
1) the state of being connected.
2) an emotional association between two people.
3) a relationship is how two or more people behave toward each other.

There it is:
Am I  C O N N E C T E D to God?
Do we have an emotional association?
How does He behave toward me?
And SO much more important…..how do I behave toward Him?

I truly pray all day long.
I walk around our home and I talk to God.
I laugh out loud at Him and with Him.  I ask for His direction and guidance.
I look for Him in the world around me.
I ask Him to teach me is spiritual principles through the physical world around me.

And He answers me.

Ahhhhh…. but, do I sit at His feet and look into His eyes and listen to Him speak to me.
Do I invest the time that it takes to intimately build a relationship?

Uhm…………. No.

Truly, I don’t do that with many people at all.  I always feel like there is something I need to get finished before I can do this. This habit is certainly most detrimental with those I love most: my children, my husband and my God.  As much as I love people, it is the hardest thing in life for me… to be still and sit at the feet of … any one.

And so, God is calling me to do this. I’ve heard Him before.  I’ve heard Him for years.  I know that I know that I know that I can’t do this on my own.  I’ve certainly tried.  I have to give it up and let Him work it out for me.

It’s kind of funny…. Phil’s song that I’ve always loved, Resolution, is about relationships.  It’s about sticking together with others and watching their back. The words include “Keep moving, stick together, keep your head down.”   I got your back : )

Oh … funny side note.  You know how spending time with people throws you into situations where certain words, little phrases or actions become shared jokes.  A friend at school has this cute little cartoon as the screensaver on his phone.  I drew it to show Glory and the boys. So, throughout the weekend, we’ve found ourselves holding our right fist in the air, saying “I’ve got your back.”   Being able to say, “I’ve got your back”  is certainly an important facet of relationships, isn’t it?

Even more funny, when I googled the lyrics and name of the song this morning, I read the words to find that this song even has the words “I got your back” in it!  God makes me laugh.  He speaks. He confirms.  Relationship it is.

So, that’s where I am today ….
convicted that I’m dissing God …
that He’s watching my back
but I’m not watching His
and He and I both know it.

How ‘bout you?
Are you dissin’ the God of the Universe, too?


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