Notes and Scribbles

I’ve taken notes all weekend.  I try to keep a little pad with me so that I can write down things that the Lord says to me, things I need to remember to do,  or ideas that I might have for a class project.

I thought I’d just share some of my scribblings from the words of the speakers and the Lord.

Vacuuming without plugging in the vacuum is
our lives when we live without the power of God to move you,
make our motor run, do the job we’re created to do.
It’s futile and it looks crazy. (Jason Young)
Jason Young shares

God never wastes a pain. He wants to do something great through me … even through my pain.(JY)

You can’t give to your kids/others what you don’t first own yourself.  (JY)

Discipline is from the same root word as disciple. (JY)
We must be disciplined to live fruitfully.
We must FOCUS on God and walk away from everything else.
God is what I should be doing. (God)

God takes our “mess”
and creates a “message.”  (Tom Coverly)Tom Coverly, an illusionist, sharing the word and challenging us

When God asks us to do something,
He asks us to take a leap of faith.
A small step is safe.  If we fall, it’s almost unnoticeable.
We can recover … we can save ourselves.
He wants us to LEAP…
to JUMP…..
to go all the way.
And when we do,
then we’ll know that
HE was the one that kept our balance
and helped us make it through
because we certainly couldn’t have done “that”
on our own.

What will be your “life sentence?” (JY)
… that is, the sentence that will be written on your tombstone
that sums up your life
in one sentence?


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