I am so incredibly blessed.  God has absolutely surrounded me,  immersed me, and even under girded me with so many incredible people.  I am more thankful, actually, than I can put into words.

I have friends who will call me out in a heartbeat.  Friends who, in love, are courageous enough to let me know when they think I’m not flying straight …. who spot sin and call it that.  This really makes me smile.

Some are very good friends. Some are my age, or close to it.

But some are young people who would probably think of me more like a “Mom” than a friend.  I still see them through my “friendship” glasses.

Drew, Ben and Glory

There were a few incidences of “calling each other out” over the weekend.

Drew had an empty water bottle that he filled with lemonade at a restaurant.  I called him out and said that he was stealing that lemonade. Absolutely without hesitation, he quickly agreed and headed over to pour it out.

I was amazed.

At another point in the weekend, Glory wanted to make a Wal-mart run.  Ben nor I wanted to go, so I told Drew and Glory that they could go ahead and go together.  Drew refused.  He said it wouldn’t be appropriate for he and Glory to be alone in the car.  He didn’t want to put either of them into that position.  YAY!!  This is a rule that we generally follow in our family, but for some reason, it didn’t occur to me at the time.  I was grateful for his unction.

While at the SuperTarget, Glory found an AISLE of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  We looked at them and talked about flavors.  They even had Licorice Bridge Mix. I put one little tiny sliver of candy …. into my mouth.  It was a quick thing … you can’t pay for one tiny sliver of candy … I didn’t want a bunch … I didn’t need a bunch … I didn’t even need a small handful … I just tossed it in my mouth … and …..  before I could chew twice,Glory doused in excitement over the Jelly Belly display

Drew called me out.

I immediately spit it out.  He was right.  I apologized and told him thanks.  Then I put that chomped on remnant of candy into a bag, added some more candy so it would register on the scale and then paid for it all as we left.

The next day, we were heading to the store.  I had on my bathing suit.  I wanted to throw on a suit cover up and go to the store.  I said, “Isn’t this okay?” to Glory and the boys.    The dress is not see through and it hits my knees.  But, Drew pointed out that it has slits up the side and I shouldn’t wear it. I just wanted to HUG him… okay, I really wanted to hit him, because I didn’t want to change clothes to go to the store … but I was grateful for his candor and honesty.

I am thankful for each life that God has put into mine
– especially those of youth –
to help me stay on the path …
to be the louder voice
when I quench the voice of the Spirit within.


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