Noisy Mama

Every year I plant a few perennial flowers to bloom and bring us colorful happiness.  There are always a few around the front door and a few in pots on the screened porch and deck.  My favorite arrangement is the hanging plant that hangs outside the dining room window.  It’s adds a bright cheerful punch when you glance out the window.

But, each year as I carefully fill that little pot with flowers, I am fully aware that the flowers may be sacrificial for there have been several years that a house wren has found the pot attractive and chosen to make a nest within.  This is one of those years.

I’ve given up watering the plant, as the nest sits low in the pot and there are baby birds inside now. Though a nest gets wet in the rain, I don’t want it to be sitting in a puddle.  The birds are about half grown, so the sweet mama and family will be gone quickly.  The babies are only in the nest from 15 to 17 days.  They are still quite downy, so they’re still pretty young. House Wren babies

And noisy!  My!  This Mama fusses all the time.  There is a bunny in a cage close by and  our dear Smudge likes to sleep on the deck, as well.  Maybe one of these two fellas keep her on the rampage.  Comedy even saw her at the front of the house at the bay window looking into the house making a scene.  I wonder if she could see the nest through the bay window and then out the back dining window.  I’m not sure.  But, I know she makes a lot of noise, all the time.

When I was trying to make sure of her identification, I went to the Cornell  Lab of  Ornithology website.  I couldn’t figure out why the sound we hear her making from sun up to sun down wasn’t lining up with the sounds on the website.  Then I realized that I was listening to the s o n g s on the webside.. No.  What we’re hearing all day on our deck are calls (listen here…) …. chatters, fussing and warnings from a protective mama warning all living bodies around that she’s there and in protection mode. The third call tab on the site is her “all day” noise.

I can’t help but think, this little mama has a job much like mine : it will be over soon.  I have two children who are almost ready to leave home.  Sweet Joy has several years of growing to do, but those years are fleeting and travel so quickly.

May I be careful to protect my little ones when it is needed
making noise from sun up to sun down
if it is necessary
to warn anybody who needs to know
that I am here and watching and ready to protect
and may I also be careful
to sacrifice the expendable which can be later replaced
if the situation warrants.


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