Sunshine and Flowers

Glory and I are on another road trip.  We are in St. Augustine.  My sweet friend, Mary Ann, is renting a home on the beach for two weeks and invited us over for a few days.  I love, lOvE, LOVE spending time with Glory.  She’s fun and … well, she’s my friend. Field of beautyOn the way to St. Augustine for the James Taylor concert, I stopped SEVERAL times.  I found all sorts of photo ops, but I didn’t think we’d do any stopping on this trip.  But, my sweet Glory saw a huge, beautiful field of sunflowers.  I had to coax her to stop, but she caved and is thrilled.  Here are a few of our shots.My sunshiney girl and IShe said she feels like she’s grown and is at a new level since this is the first time she’s ever stopped on a trip to take photos.  On top of that, she spotted a “cool spider.”  While Joy is quick to think a bug or critter is fascinating, Glory …. well, not so much.  
I’m so excited about this weekend.  We’ll be heading back Tuesday, with plans to pull into the driveway just in time for a swim meet.  I’m looking for God along the shore, in the flowers and activities we in which we partake.  I’m sure we’ll see Him often : )Sunshine & Flowers


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