Makes Me Happy Monday : Humidity

When other people consider that our weather is swelteringly hot,
I’m most comfortable.  The warmer weather, in the south, escorts the summer in with wonderfully humid air.  I LOVE humidity.  When other people are complaining about the weight in the air, I’m basking in the moisture.  When other people hate to run because they sweat too much, I prefer to run!!

There’s something so yummy about the humidity.  It makes me skin, which is extremely dry, feel moist and supple.  I think I would simply shrivel up if I lived somewhere out west where the temps get high, but the air is dry. This is one of my favorite photos from our most recent beach trip.  I love the color and texture in the stone.  I love the gorgeous, chilly sand.  I am awed by the beauty and depth in the color of the water. I can hear the surf crashing against the rocks. I can feel the toasty warmth of the sun.

But more than anything else, I can look at this shot and almost re-experience the delicious humidity in the air.  It makes me want to go back.  It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.

Yep, summer means humidity here in Georgia
and humidity makes me happy!!
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Humidity

  1. Don’t you love how we can enjoy each other’s friendship so much despite our differences? In fact I think some of that comes from our differences. You know I don’t like the humidity AT ALL! I will take the dry heat any day over pea soup 🙂 Unless of course I am with my friend! Love you, Karen 🙂


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