4th Festivities

We had such a wonderful July 4th.  I’m so thankful for the community and friendships that are found here in our neighborhood.  We have a pool that is just a stone’s throw from our home.  Our swim team spends it’s summer splashing and getting stronger in the neighborhood water.  Several times a summer, our pool has a big cookout and covered dish meal.  July 4th is one of those celebratory days that we SO enjoy.

This Fourth began with our First Annual Bicycle Parade.  Children of all sizes with bikes of all kinds, lined up near the pool and took a stroll around the block with streamers blowing in the wind and smiling faces greeting parade watchers.  We made our circle and returned to the pavilion to share chilly, drippy, rich-red watermelon slabs.

The afternoon included lunch with  all-night roasted pork and an array of delectable dishes with homemade ice cream as a chilly finale’.

fishies in a cup


There are several contests in the afternoon, including  “Belly Flop” and “Biggest Splash” contests.  And the big draw for the kids is the Minnow Chase.  Wow!  I love to watch the kids frantically try to catch the largest number of minnows.

(top left to bottom right)Comedy & Joy/Colin & Griffin/Glory/Glory & Me/James

Sunscreen, splashes and swinging tunes, patriotism and poolside fun, towels and sweet tea- our Fourth was quite enjoyable.  How about yours?


The sidewalk in front of our home ... lined with small flags in celebration of the 4th.


One thought on “4th Festivities

  1. Sounds like you live in an incredible neighborhood!! What lovely traditions! I didn’t think that kiknd of thing existed anymore, in our fast-paced cyber age? I love the bicycle parade and the poolside fun! What a great way to spend the 4th!


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