Another Lost Bella

Our neighborhood is just one street from one of the city’s most busy roads.  For a dog to get loose or lost in our neighborhood is a set up for potential danger.

Upon occasion we see a dog wandering around.  Yesterday was such a day.

Glory called me from the pool to tell me to grab a leash and head outside.  There was a young, thin Weimaraner wandering around at the park.

When I got there, she came right to me.  She was docile and beautiful, friendly and trusting.  I was able to slip a make-shift collar around her neck and walk her home with no problem. Getting her into our house was another issue.

When we got to the door, she dug in.  She did not want to go inside.  Not being sure if she’d growl or bite me, I was hesitant.  I finally realized she wouldn’t hurt me, so I picked her up and brought her in…… and she went right to the couch …. which is under a window. 

I happened to have an appointment for our Smudge the same afternoon, so I just threw this lost girl into the truck with us.  I wanted to see if she was micro-chipped.  Turns out she was not.

She was quite thin, but otherwise seemed very healthy.  Her disposition was sweet.  She was calm and friendly.   If she had been gone for a bit, wandering about without water, an already thin puppy could become too thin quite fast.  When offered food, she was happy to oblige and ate well.

I made several phone calls and gave my information to the two local county’s Animal Control Offices, the local Humane Society and both the popular papers that have Lost and Found Sections.

Upon receiving a return call from one of the Animal Control officers, I found an excited voice that mentioned that “YES, there was a lady who called this morning looking for a female Weimaraner puppy!”  She quickly ran to her desk and gave me the name and phone number.

As I spoke with the potential owner, doubt was present.  If this was Michelle’s dog, this  eight month old puppy had to travel about twenty miles through incredible traffic and horrendous construction between Tuesday night and Thursday at noon to be where she was when I found her.

But she and her husband came anyway.

And hers she was.  Bella was SO excited to see her family.

They believe that she was stolen.  Her toys were missing after she was gone.  She had on a collar while at home, but had none when I found her. Michelle said that she bought her collar a little large, knowing that she would grow into it.  She may have been tied up somewhere and then slipped out of her collar to try to get away. So, that larger than needed collar may have saved her life or at least allowed her reuniting.

This was the second sweet, lost canine that we have brought into our home
to find that she was a “Bella.” I’m thankful for another happy ending.

And I’m so thrilled that my sweet daughter is quick to offer a helping hand when she sees one is needed.

Had we not picked up sweet Bella, someone may have done the same ….

or she might have lost her life.

I’m thankful she’s reunited with loved ones.


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